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  Friday, april 29th

  5:30 pm - Doors open, nuff mixer

  6:30 pm- Shorts Block #1 - NUff     world tour (60mins)
                             candyfight (spain / 10m)
                             brigitte (canada / 10m)

                             gone (Usa / 22m)

                             The rise (italy / 10m)

                             script (italy / 8 min)

  8:15 pm - apps (spain / 92m)

            plays w/
                              press pound to connect (usa/ 3m)

  10:20 pm - please don't abandon me (mexico / 74)

            plays w/
                               the overlook (usa / 22m)

  saturday, april 30th

  11am - shorts block #2 - animation salvation (58 m)

                             that sucks (14m)
                             Kerplunky (5m)
                             hold music (USA, TN / 1m)

                             the dark odyssey (9m)

                             hellswine (4m)

                             The dogs (france / 12m)

                             scarlet red (belgium / 13m)

  12:45 pm - the hoot owl (71m)

             plays w/
                             wendigo (24m)

  3:05 pm - nuff shorts block #3 - the tennessee underground (86m)

                             myrtle and the taciturn (20m)

                             days counted (10m)

                             make it out alive (7m)

                             the man who loved flowers (8m)

                             cycles (11m)

                             rage (30m)

  5:30 pm - nuff shorts block #4 - motherlode (74m)

                            wich (usa / 5m)

                            tuesday tina (usa / 3m)

                            the stunods (usa / 11m)

                            let's all go to the lobby (usa / 13m)

                            hubbards (usa / 5m)

                            tweakers (australia / 10m)

                            pimp by blood (usa / 19 m)

                            a hole where my hole was (usa / 8m)

  7:30 pm - the chamber of terror (canada / 93m)
            plays w/

                            that doll ain't right (usa / 2m)

                            momma don't go (usa / 6m)

  10pm - nuff shorts block #5 - the sexy stuff?? (89m)

                            the portrait (spain / 15m)

                            the special horse (usa / 8m)

                            endlessnesssism (australia / 12m)

                            f@*K film: a love story (usa / 3m)

                            life in the xxi century (norway / 42m)

                            some kind of humanity (france / 9m) 

  sunday, may 1st

  11am - nuff shorts block #6 - the nuff double feature (88m)

                            tapehead (45m)

                            milk for violence (43m)

  1:15 pm - nuff shorts block #7 -nuff said (90m)

                            ghost note (5m)

                            pophyria's confession (13m)

                            birdie (13m)

                            safe house (8m)

                            second gen (7m)

                            straw men (21m)

                            the nightmare experiment (8m)

                            cutter (16m)

  3:30 pm - closing film - the movie (usa / 85m)

            plays w/

                            plastic flamingo (usa / 1m)

                            self-tape (usa / 14m)

  6pm - awards ceremony

  6:30 pm - after party





Synopsis of films



Skye & Dre were the loving couple. Once they married, Skye's world turned upside down. The honeymoon was over.

candy fight.jpg

One name. A hit...a memory. Much to remember, awaits me...pain.

the special horse.jpg

In this epic erotic satire, a cowgirl's search for her special horse, reaches its climax


Jean-Guy is madly in love with Brigitte, his blow-up doll. But what he doesn't know, is that something wicked may come...


A troubled teen takes his childhood babysitter hostage after she discovers his deadly plan.

the man who loved flowers.jpg

A wistful young man strolls the Nashville streets when an encounter with a flower vendor ultimately reveals his dark longing.

second gen.jpg

The end is actually just a virtual beginning for Aimee-but those closest to her may not fully understand the last vestiges of herself in this new format.


Jake finds himself spiraling into a psychological trip of madness.

porphyria's confession.jpg

Two lovers battle illness along with their personal agendas

the rise.jpg

Mel is the only survivor as a psychedelic death cult from the 70's. Thanks to his friend Alice he's finally ready to follow his old cult members and reunite with the GODS.

make it out alive.jpg

A man defends his house from two intruders. He digs deep and unlocks something within himself that he didn't even know existed.


A high-octane grindhouse trip through a Meth ravaged rural Australia. After an act of senseless violence, Lucy paves a path of bloody vengeance through a group of violent bikers.

the nightmare experiment.jpg

A girl wakes in the night, unable to tell if she's having a nightmare or living one.


Refusing to go see her dying mother, Renee tries to avoid the inevitability of death, as an overwhelming terror overtakes her mind.

the portrait.jpg

The night her love dies, a painter wants to make a portrait of her before the day comes and they take her away, fighting her pain and her own artisitc blockage. When he is giving the last brush strokes, it seems that she is not dead.

some kind of humanity.jpg

He's in his 30's, often feels lonely and left out, but luckily he has Michael,, his best friend. Michael send him strange videos found on the internet. They are destabilizing, sometimes shocking.

the stunods.jpg

A Staten Island punk trio steals a school bus to go on their own DIY tour in this slacker heist flick.


It seemed like an ordinary day, until it wasn't.


A man's hunger for human flesh is unleashed.

a hole where my hole was.jpg

While babysitting evil children in a haunted mansion, cousin Wonderlette is terrorized, only to be protected by part of her anatomy.


Two friends discover a sinister entity has taken residence in their hometown.


An apathetic and disillusioned theater worker, must fight for her survival when she and her childhood best friend discover a cursed film reel that causes the snack counter to come alive and attack them for not appreciating the movie theater.

Ghost Note.jpg

A man does whatever he can to see his wife.


At his school's black box theater, stuttering Roman struggles to self-tape an audition, his manic Hamlet. Nearing success, his dreams are shattered by nightmarish figures.

days counted.jpg

A prisoner recounts his horrific crime from years ago is visited by a ghost from his past.


A 16 mm about two friends who play a game where each rule prescribes them each to act out their most violent and perverse fantasies.

safe house.jpg

Rouge a spy returns to a "safe house" after a mission gone wrong.

momma, don't go.jpg

A mother and daughter struggle to survive a deadly home invasion.


A teenager cutter in recovery and her overbearing mother are haunted by a ghost who keeps them at odds


Two screenwriters, a ghost story, the night that goes on. Who will put an end to this?

myrtle and the taciturn.jpg

No synopsis...Don't worry, it's very good and disturbing!!

life in the xxi century.jpg

Joe was an internet sex worker with a strange tentacle like-growth on his chest. His wife was abroad having an unusual plastic surgery procedure. An encounter with a healer, an exotic parasitic plant and a pair of menacing twins took him down a rabbit hole he could have never seen coming.

We are connected to more than what is immediately around ourselves: to each other, the planet, and the farthest galaxies. What distant things are having an effect on us and what are we non-visible affecting?

the overlook.jpg

Maggie has always been closed off from living a comfortable life. When a wealthy family hires her to housesit for the weekend she's given an opportunity to disappear from her current problems.

pimp by blood.jpg

It's about about pimps, what else needs to be said...

Poster Version 1 with Laurels.png

An intense dive into the world of one man and his quest.

F@*K Film: a love story

Faux autobiography. Faux nostalgia. The contrast between seemingly long-lost time of innocent lasciviousness and today's vicious world of public shaming and online revenge. Makes you yearn for simpler days, doesn't it?


plastic flamingo.jpg

An alienated hoarder witnesses a prized possession becoming damaged, setting him off on a hoarding spree.

that doll ain't right.jpg

Don't make Magda mad!! Horror fake trailer

feature films


In 2001 a tragic prank took the life of a mentally challenged video store rewinder Jacob Cobb. Twenty years later Jacob's corpse has been inadvertently woken by three hapless goons. Who have big plans of reopening the video barn. Cashing in on urban legends which surround Jacob's will be the least of their worries. As the once innocent video store clerk returns from the grave to exact his revenge!

milk for violence.jpg

The greatest outlaw this side of the Mississippi, has just escaped from jail, and is on the lam. Meanwhile in the nearby frontier town of Plymouth Flats, Ana the preacher's wife is left home alone by her husband Caleb. Out of seemingly nowhere, Aaron breaks into Ana's cottage and proceeds to terrorize her into feeding him dinner. When Ana confronts his errant behavior, Aaron retaliates the only way he knows how; with violence, before disappearing into the night. After trying unsuccessfully to enlist the help of local enforcement and her cowardly husband, Ana decides to take matters into her own hands.

the hoot owl.jpg

A group of friends fight for survival when they disturb the deranged inhabitants of what was though to be abandoned estate deep in the woods of Texas.


Five stories where an App will open the door to mystery and horror. A young woman in the hands of perverts, belonging to a sinister network dedicated to the sinister online transmission. A voyeur, who will discover that his neighbors hide dark secrets that he wishes he had never heard. a young woman on a mysterious dating app. A group of friends on their way to a beautiful cabin, will fall into the hands of a sinister cult sect that hides behind this business. a little boy, used by his father, to make dating online, will discover an enormous power to defend himself.

the chamber of terror.jpg

Nash Carter's is on a deadly collision course with the people that tore his world apart...along with something unexpected. something far more sinister.

the movie.jpg

a creepy director forces a former child star to act in his movie with him, which just so happens to be the worst movie of all time. But will it be her swan song?

please don't abandon me.jpg

 (Please Don't Abandon Me)

In the last years Helena has been living a happy life with Jesus, her boyfriend. But she has a dark and problematic past dealing with drugs and emotional issues. When she discover something that makes her think their relationship will end, an avalanche of insecurities, anxiety and mental instability provoke a violent outburst that changes everything. Regular life at home and at work doesn't seem to be easy when a crime has occurred.

animation shorts


Stop motion animation video for the song "Hold Music!" By Heavy Comforter from Chattanooga based studio, The Skeleton Key Shop

scarlet red.jpg

Terror and disease rage furiously abroad. Inside the deep seclusion of a secure palace, King Prospero entertains himself and his fellow men at a masked ball. Unusual magnificence is within but as time passes a danger creeps closer...


HellSwine is the hilarious story of one demonic pigs murderous trip to the land of the living and the friends he meets along the way.

the dogs.jpg

(The Dogs)

Once upon a time there was a girl in the city. Past, present, future. Dogs everywhere.Love. Nothingness. Life goes on and cans remain on ground.

that sucks.jpg

The Love songs' record release for the newest album, "The Loneliest Whale" has some competition! Will the boys succeed in playing the best show ever, or will "Weird Al" ruin it all?!


Isolation...Tooth Decay...Alcoholism...Kerplunky!!

dark odyssey.jpg

A brave captain and his faithful mate transport a captive warrior, who holds The Inventory Of The Mind, across the interstellar line. When their ship is forced to navigate an asteroid field, their mission is jeopardized.

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